Planning a SARCC Event

Since the creation of SARCC we have continued with CPG tradition of a long weekend during March/April and a week long event in October. In addition, members have arranged New Zealand trips, a number of mid-week weekends as well as pannier tours.

The club is keen to offer a variety of events and offers these suggestions to members considering planning a camp or a pannier tour.


  • Interesting
  • Aim to avoid mains roads as much as possible
  • Described so members can decide if they can manage the ride.
    i.e. the planned length of the ride, the nature of  the terrain and road conditions.


Often a Caravan Park with cabins is the best option to cater for members who wish to hire cabins bring caravans, campervans, tents.

Check with the Caravan Park

  • that accommodation is available on dates proposed
  • price of camping sites and cabins
  • If the Caravan Park accommodation units and sites are widely scattered do recommend cabin or site numbers.
  • that the proposed date doesn’t clash with other local events such as the local show.
  • Contact details for the camp ground
    Email Address, Web Address (link), Postal Address and Phone number

We have used school camp sites, lodges and bunkhouses in the past and these can have the benefit of shared catering and camaraderie.

When you have settled on a venue(s), a date(s), the proposed rides and have collected the necessary details and costs etc prepare an information sheet to circulate to all members.

This must include

  • Venue
  • Dates
  • Accommodation arrangements and contact details
  • Details with Start Times, Lunch arrangements of proposed rides so Members can assess their capability to achieve the rides.
  • Planned Meetings where and when on Site, Group meals e.g. BBQs, and ‘Pub’ meals

Forward your information sheet to the committee for distribution to all members.

We have learned that in the case of Camping grounds it is most effective if members make their own bookings directly with the camping ground but do advise it is a SARCC Tour as there may be discounts or preferred sites available. However, for pannier tours the booking would best be made by the tour leader.