Perfect Rides

Please consider other club members.  If you have COVID symptoms, or believe you might be infectious, please do not attend SARCC rides or events.

Organiser – Peter Harrison 0448 364 138
“Peter’s Exploratory Rides For the Enjoyment of Country Tracks.”
Locations within 2 hours drive of TTG. Usually 9:00 AM start. 60 – 70 km. Gravel roads to tracks. Pace to the slowest rider 12 – 15 kph
Bring morning tea, lunch, water etc. Return about 4:00 pm. Normally no facilities along the ride. For the more experienced self sufficient rider.
More details will be published prior to each ride.

2023 PERFECT rides…
Sunday January 15th. from Victor Harbor at 9am with Kevin D.
Sunday February 26th. from Palmer at 9am with Sven.  
Sunday March 26th.  Sanderston at 9:30am with Kevin B.
Sunday April 23rd. at 9am. with Kevin D.
Sunday May 21st.  at 9am. With Peter
Sunday June 18th.  at 9am. PERFECT Weekend
Sunday July 16th.  at 9am.
Sunday August 13th.  at 9am.
Sunday September 10th.  at 9am.
Sunday October 8th. at 9am.
Sunday November 5th. at 9am.
Sunday December 3rd. at 9am.

Please let me know if you would like to lead a ride on one of those dates or if you have a request for a particular ride.

Next ride details
Meet at Sanderston cnr Sanderston Road and Hoads Road for 9:30am start.
Out through Cambrai, Sedan, Rheinetahl etc.  Maybe facilities at Cambrai halfway, otherwise usual BYO 50kms ride.

Leader: Kevin Burrett



Older rides:
Sunday February 26th 2023 from Palmer at 9am.
Meet Cnr Education Avenue and Olive Grove Avenue Palmer.

2 Rides planned in case of Murray Flooding in Caloote area.
Riders to BYO food and water. Riders should be able to maintain 15kmh over gravel and hilly terrain.
Click for SARCC RWGPS info.
Sven’s Ride Report

Sunday January 15th 2023 from Victor Harbor at 9am.
Meet at Kent Reserve, Victor Harbor for 9am start.
Hopefully with the cooler temperatures down south we will get a ride in.  Check this page before heading to the start in case of cancellation due to heat.

This route is based on a ride lead by Jilden a couple of years ago.  We take the bike path to the Bluff and then head west to Waitpinga Beach for morning tea.  Travelling north to Mount Robinson Hut for lunch and completing the loop back into Victor Harbor to finish.

Approximately 61km of good gravel roads and quiet tarmac (hopefully!) with 900m of ascent.  No services on the ride.  Make sure you bring enough water and food for the weather conditions, distance and elevation.
Click here to view event and route in SARCC RWGPS site.

Sunday December 11th from Stockwell at 9am with Kevin D.
Meet at Stockwell Recreation Park – Stockwell

60 km – mostly well made gravel roads and dirt tracks.  Minimal bitumen.
500-600m of ascent.
No facilities on the ride.  BYO lunch.

Clockwise loop from Stockwell out towards Kapunda then north to Dutton and beyond. Returning via Truro.

Sunday November 13th from Waterloo at 9am with Peter
CANCELLED due to forecast weather conditions in the ride area.
Tom Kruse Park – Waterloo

70 km – mostly well made gravel roads – some dirt tracks and 100 m of dreaded bitumen.
As usual no facilities on the ride.
Ride south from Waterloo generally following the Light River, crossing the Tothill Range about 4 km North of Tarnma. Riding Eastward to the escarpment overlooking the Plains 12 km northwards along the top of the escarpment (will be magnificent views for this whole 12 km). Turning left just before Inspiration Point returning to Waterloo via Webb and Quin Gaps.
Note – There has been minor flooding on the River Light this week (from Hamilton Southward for 2 days before subsiding). Normally the flooding begins at Marrabel where the River Light, Tothill and Spring Creek and Spring Creek join so I don’t expect any trouble – however I will check the week before the ride. (The alternatives are to follow the next Valley over and follow Julia Creek down or if particularly bad I will have a ride North from Waterloo planned)

Route available on SARCC RWGPS site.

Sunday October 16th Marrabel
70 km mostly Gravel Roads
Marrabel, Tarnma, Point Pass, Australia Plains (almost) return via Hamden, Buchanan, Tarnma.
Note – if the River Light is in flood there is a standby ride to Black Springs and return.
Note Marrabel Hotel is now a private residence – Park on the Eastern side of the Main Road in front of the tennis courts.

Sunday September 18th. Kulpara to Lochiel and return … again at 9am.
Meet at Kulpara, park in the Kulpara plantation for shade.  Toilets nearby.

We skirt the Hummocks then head north to cross Ninnes road (carefully avoiding the three corner jack infested track that brought a premature end to May’s PERFECT ride) and into Lochiel for morning tea (No services in Lochiel). 
Take in Bumbunga Lake and search for the elusive Loch Eel monster before heading south to cross the Augusta Highway and inspect the duplication work in progress.  Climb Middle Range and head back across the valley towards the Hummocks.  A late sharp climb up to Kulpara to finish
67km with approximately 570m of ascent.
There are no services on this ride so participants must bring tools, spares and sufficient food and water for the journey
Click here to view the event and route in SARCC Club RWGPS
Peter’s Ride report

Sunday August 14th Jilden’s Memorial Ride, Kanmantoo at 10am
Meet at 10am Main street near toilets in Hutton Reserve, Kanmantoo. A great gravel ride through the hills and dales. Late lunch at Callington. BYO food and drink. Return via bitumen or extra gravel road. 40 – 45km.

RWGPS event details and route.
Richard M

Sunday July 17th Pine Hut Road from Cambrai at 9am
Meet at Cambrai Institute on Skinner Street, Cambrai (Toilets available)

69 km dirt and gravel roads.
No facilities on ride (apart from toilets at the lunch stop). Riders must be self sufficient.
Ride South East out of Cambrai and then along the banks of the Marne River
North to Pine Hut Creek passing the remains of one of the early homesteads in the area.
Turn West to climb up the range along Pine Hut Road –  a gorgeous climb of 235 meters in 6.5 km.
The road is flanked on both sides by the historic stone walls and many old tall gum trees. The stone walls were as a result of Goyder’s recommendations when surveying for Goyders line. Both the walls and gum trees have survived several bush fires that destroyed other fences and buildings. The trees were already large when the walls were constructed in the 1800s as in some spots the wall was actually diverted around the tree.
Once past the summit the road drops into a small delightful valley crossing the Somme Creek (morning tea break along here somewhere). Then North East and bypass Eden Valley for lunch at the Eden Valley Recreation and Caravan Park Reserve.
After lunch head back to Pine Hut Road  for a fantastic descent from the summit at the 50 km mark (235 meters in 6.5 km). The downhill can be done at your own pace (ie flat out or leisurely to enjoy the scenery). The faster riders should stay behind the leader and maintain space between other riders for safety as the condition of the road may change suddenly. We will regroup at the cross roads at the bottom at the 56.5km point. The leader (and any one else who wants to) will ride back up the slope to ride back with the the last rider. (This is a safety precaution to ensure nobody is left to deal with a problem by themselves). The ride will then follow Pine Hut Creek to where it drains into Lake Moodie. There may be time for anyone who wants a quick swim before returning to Cambrai.
For RWGPS users click to use the route from the SARCC RWGPS site.
Kevin D. Ride Report

Sunday June 19th   –  Riverton Loop at 9am
The next PERFECT ride will be on Sunday June 19th. 2022 leaving from Riverton at 9am.
We will meet at the Riverton Oval.
I haven’t ridden the Rattler trail yet so we will start with the section from Riverton to Rhynie and then leave the trail to head west out toward Salter’s Springs.
Turning south we arrive in Alma to pickup the Alma Tarlee Road eastward into Tarlee.
Just a short northerly jaunt, following the Gilbert River, from Tarlee completes the loop back to Riverton.
The complete ride is approximately 64km with 450m ascent however, depending on the weather on the ride day and previous days, some of the roads could be impassable which may require a few detours that increase or decrease the ride distance.  As we have seen on a few recent PERFECT rides not everything goes exactly to plan, so be prepared.
There are no services on this ride.  Participants must bring tools, spares and sufficient food and water for the journey.
For those using RWGPS the route is available through the club RWGPS calendar.
Ron B. Ride Report

Sunday May 15th   – Kulpara to Lochiel at 9:00 AM
Meet at Kulpara, park in the Kulpara plantation for shade.
We skirt the Hummocks then head north to cross Ninnes road and into Lochiel for morning tea (No services in Lochiel). 
Take in Bumbunga Lake and search for the elusive Loch Eel monster before heading south to cross the Augusta Highway and inspect the duplication work in progress.  Climb Middle Range and head back across the valley towards the Hummocks.  A late sharp climb up to Kulpara to finish
64km with approximately 500m of ascent.
There are no services on this ride so participants must bring tools, spares and sufficient food and water for the journey.
Peter H. Ride Report

Sunday April 10th  2022 from Truro at 9am.
Car Park Truro – (Northern side of Highway in the centre of town). Toilet facilities available. There used to be a bakery, road house and hotel in the town but I am not sure if they are still open.

  • 69 km mainly dirt roads.
  • 957 metres of descent over the ride.

No facilities or shops on ride – bring lunch tools spares water etc.
The ride is North East from Truro past Hawker Hill then North past Mount Rufus to Tableland. Turn right down Leakes Pass (160 meter drop in 8 km) on to the main road and back up Smith Road and on to Tableland Road passing the old Julia Creek mine. Turn right and on to The Triangle – sort of down hill but there is a sharp pinch to climb out of Fresh Water Creek (over 10 % for a short distance – the red bit on the profile page) but there is a 4 km downhill for recovery. East almost  to the Main Road crossing the River Light at “Ben Lomand’. South to recross the Light at “Twin Creeks”. On to St Kitts then home to Truro.
Kevin B. Ride Report

Sunday March 6th 2022 from Saddleworth at 9am.
Meet at the front of the old Saddleworth Hotel in Belvidere Road (Opposite the Service Station)

70 km – mainly dirt roads
Total descent for the ride – 735 metres
Ride East to Tothill Creek (another of those virtually empty towns in the mid north long past their prime).
North and cross the Tothill Range over Webb Gap. Further North and climb the range again at Niblet Gap (keeping a lookout for teenagers who have borrowed mum’s 4WD).
Over Mohler Gap and South back to Saddleworth via the lonnnnng downhill we missed last month. The last 8 km is all down hill The last 25 km from Mohler Gap is mostly downhill all the way (2 short climbs less than 5 degrees to spoil it).
If the weather is hot there are several short cuts available to cut the time down.
There are no facilities on the ride – riders must bring tools, spares, food and water.
Steve C. ride report

Sunday February 13th 2022 from Saddleworth at 9am.
Meet at the front of the old Saddleworth Hotel in Belvidere Road (Opposite the Service Station)

67 km – mainly dirt roads
Total descent for the ride – 685 metres
Initially South East then swinging around and heading north to skirt Manoora, east over the range and then south along Powerline Road skirting Waterloo.  The last 9 km will be a glorious descent of 145 metres.
There are 4 short climbs just above 5% and one 800m long climb above 5% with 2 short stretches over 7.5%
By the end of the ride we should be able answer 2 conundrums about the areas history.

  1. Why is the town of Saddleworth built in 2 separate sections.
  2. Originally the towns along the Light River (Waterloo, Marrabel, Hamilton and the hamlets of Steelton and Tothill Creek) were busy successful towns but are now almost gone. The towns along the Gilbert River (Tarlee, Riverton Saddleworth and Manoora) expanded to become busy towns?

Roger P. ride report

Myponga Sunday January 16th 2022 at 9am.
Meeting point is Myponga Hall near the corner of Hansen Street and Main South Road Myponga.  Approximately 62km and 850m ascent.

Due to total ascent on this ride and the potential for high temperatures the ride may be modified or cancelled if the forecast for Myponga is >31C.  Check email and/or website prior to travelling to the ride start.
Please let Sven know if you are attending the ride.
Sven H. ride report

Eden Valley Sunday December 12th 2021 at 9am.
Meet at  Murray Recreation Park (corner of Eden Valley Road and Rhine Park Road)  9am Sunday 12th. December.

66km of gravel/dirt roads and 690m of ascent.  
Leaving from Eden Valley and riding hilly sections to Moculta, passing Collingrove Hillclimb and Lindsay Park.  Much flatter return trip to Eden Valley after lunch.
No facilities or services available on this ride.  BYO food, water , tools and spares.The proposed route can be accessed here and is subject to change.
Kevin B. ride report

Langhorne Creek Sunday November 14th 2021 at 9am.
65kms, 180m climbing, (pretty flat in other words), no facilities, bring everything incl sunscreen etc and perhaps insect repellent and even a fly veil…don’t know what the flys/mozzies are going to be doing. Any bird watchers in the group might also bring binoculars. Can’t guarantee the wind or heat, sorry.

Pros…no climbing, great company, bird reserve and lunch with a (sort of) ocean view, nice scenery (mix of Mallee, crop and vineyard), de-brief at the Langhorne Ck pub.
See you at the Langhorne Ck Hall (Cnr Meechi & Langhorne Ck roads) ready to leave at 9am.
Richard M. ride report

Burra Sunday October 17th 2021 at 9am.
Meet in Market St opposite Town Hall (near footbridge crossing Burra Creek).

Distance is 72km mostly dirt roads with some bitumen at start and finish.
No facilities on ride.
Riders must be self sufficient with own food, water and spares. The ride is in what could be considered remote areas
East out of Burra along Eastern Road, turning north onto Caroona Road past Mongolata Station towards Caroona Station.
(Note – if the conditions are unpleasant (wind rain or temperature) we may consider going straight up Mongolata Road reducing the ride by about 10 km).
Turn left onto White Hill Road through a scrub and then open plain before a “delightful” climb up the Sugar Loaf Range to White Hill.
The ride along the top of the range is through a delightful scrub before descending into farm land and onto Lines Road and Cobb and Co Road for the last 7 km on the bitumen main road into Burra. I suspect that Lines and Cobb and Co Roads are the original route for the “Cobb and Co” Stage line from Kapunda to Blinman and Nuccaleena (circa 1870).
Steve C. ride report

Hoyleton Sunday September 19th 2021 at 9am.
Meet at Charles Street, Hoyleton for 9am start.

Approximately 70km with 450m ascent.  Mainly dirt and gravel roads with some rail trail and a smidgeon of bitumen.   BYO everything.  No services on ride.
Hoyleton is the head of the old Port Wakefield-Hoyle Plains tramway and home to the imposing 150 year old goods shed.  From here we loop up into the Skilly Hills before swooping back down through Hoyleton on our way to Balaklava on the Shamus Liptrot Cycling Trail.   Lunch in Balaklava then return to Hoyleton.
Peter H. ride report
Download GPX

Kapunda Sunday August 22nd 2021 at 9am.
Meet adjacent to Ambulance Station in Hill Street, Kapunda.

Highlights of the ride :-
– The historic buildings in Kapunda ( compare the style of the museum to the more modern ambulance station)
– Crossing Allen Creek near Kapunda (causeway/bridge)
– Crossing Light River by causeway – there are remnants of 2 old bridges that were abandoned after being washed away before resorting to the more modern causeway.
– The outbuildings of Anlaby Station.
– The hamlet of Buchanan – caution – the traffic is likely to be busier than Emu Downs of 2 months ago.
– Track through a secluded valley to the East of Tarnma, along a tributary of Tarnma Creek.
– The highest point of the ride will be a  short climb over the Tothill Range – (the climbs will be significantly less than those of the last 2 rides!).
– Ride through the Marrabel Golf course (an old style charcoal scrape course – not sure if it is still used (there was a tournament on last time I rode through there 5 or 6 years ago)
– Crossing River Light via a causeway South of Marrabel
– Visit site of the Historic Kapunda Reservoir in the “Pines Reserve”
– Complete the ride with a 12 km downhill on bitumen into Kapunda – 90 m drop!

I have never visited the Pines Reserve before (I thought it was just a picnic ground until recently!) – I am not sure what is left to see or how interesting it will be. As the ride into Kapunda from here is downhill bitumen all the way there is scope for some to stay and explore and others to go sooner.
There will be two breaks on the ride (to allow the visit to The Pines). Up to each rider whether it is a Morning Tea Stop with a late lunch or an early lunch with afternoon tea.
There are 3 creek/river crossings on the ride – if the current rains keep up there is potential for these to be flooded. If this occurs there are detours to bridges just North of Hamilton and South of Marrabel.

There are two enigmas about the ride.
– In the Allen Creek area there are 3 locations Mount Allen, Allengrove and Allendale North – but Allendale North is the furthest south!
– We will be riding out along “Old Anlaby Road” – why was this abandoned in favour of the longer “Anlaby Road”?
Do you have any theories?
Kevin D. ride report

Harrogate July 11th at 9 AM
Meet 9am at Harrogate Tennis Club

Approximately 60km of mainly gravel roads.
There are no facilities available on this ride.  BYO food, water, tools and spares
Download GPX
Sven’s ride report

Waterloo June 13th at 9 AM
Meet at Waterloo district war memorial/Tom Kruse Park.

70 km – mainly dirt and gravel roads with about 6 km of bitumen.
No facilities on the ride so bring lunch, water, tools and spares.
Leaving from Waterloo the ride will cross the River Light, Tothill Creek  and Brady Creek & pass Apoinga Lagoon.  Will pass through Quin, Webb, Brady and Niblet Gap. (Niblet Gap can be a problem for non-mountain bike riders due to erosion and rocky sections but it is short and can be walked if needed).  Cross the Tothill, Bluff & Scrubby Ranges and skirt the Hallelujah Hills.
We will return through Emuville (on the opposite side of the hills to Black Springs. This will require some care – that traffic can be very heavy in this major historic town).  The return will be along Emuville Road back to Waterloo.   There is an interesting old homestead and outbuildings (with the longest hitching rail I have seen) on the Eastern side of Emuville Road just North of Mollers Gap Road at the head of the River Light.    This is obviously one of the early homesteads in the area (fenced off to protect it) but I have been unable to find any information about it. Can any of the history buffs in the club can find any info on it?
GPX file  attached  – not to the normal standard. I am now using Garmin Basecamp to generate the data but it doesn’t speak nicely to Oziexplorer. (What Garmin Basecamp exports as a “Track” is received by OziExplorer as a route – this may cause problems with some older GPS units.) I will republish the data (with map and profile) when I send out a reminder in the week before the Ride.
The last time we had a ride from Waterloo there was some problems with some peoples car GPS. Depending on the settings you have on your car GPS (relating to dirt roads I think) some GPS will route from Marrabel to Waterloo through Saddleworth rather than the straight 15 km road to Waterloo (bitumen most of the way – may even be all the way now)
Brianna ride report

Sunday May 16th. 9:30am start at Clare.
Meet at the junction of Farrell Flat Rd and Horrocks Highway Clare, adjacent to the Mid North Motor Co, opposite the toilet block.  The ride will run northwards to the locality of Andrews and back to Clare via mostly dirt roads
BYO morning tea and lunch, there will be no facilities on this ride.
Kevin D ride report

Sunday April 18th Sedan
Meet at Sedan Hotel 9am Sunday 18th. April.   55-60km, minimal climbing (200m), could be some sandy spots, some bitumen, exposed at times so sunscreen etc, probably limited water resupply, should be ok for hybrid bikes, could be a few prickles so spare tube and/or puncture kits etc, option after lunch to add a few km and include an interesting geological feature, might get to meet some ‘friendly’ locals, usual ‘debrief’ at the Sedan pub.

Please bring water, food and bike spares.  No facilities on this ride.
Download GPX
Kevin B ride report

Kapunda mine trail ride
Sunday 21st March, leave from Railway Tce Roseworthy at 9 AM (Reserve at southern end of the Tce) for 67 km of mostly dirt/gravel roads with a bit of connecting bitumen.
Explore the original track from Gawler to Kapunda as laid out by Bagot for the transport of copper from the Kapunda mine to Gawler along Walkers Creek (and coal on the return journey) Learn the story of the name of Shea-Oak Log. (A small township now bypassed by the highway). A climb over the small range of hills near Belvidere. Then downhill to cross over Reformatory Road onto Mary McKillop Walk and ford the River Light and onto Kapunda.
On the left is the site of an old Irish Commune and on the right the original Rifle Butts used for rifle training in the early days of the town. Rifle shooting was a major sport in the early days – there were fierce competitions between clubs all over the state. They didn’t let the tyranny of distance hold them back! On a given day there would be a competition between 2 towns. They would each go to their own rifle range and shoot over the various distances etc. The results would then be posted to each other and in 3 short weeks they would work out who had won!
Ride past the Kapunda Mines and into Kapunda and its historic buildings. The ride back will be along the original “civilian” road to Adelaide through a ford on the western side of the town via Fords & Freeling parallel to the railway. Virtually downhill all the way!!!
There are toilets and facilities at Roseworthy and Kapunda. All riders need to be self sufficient  with tools spares and water. Please BYO lunch – although we will probably stop for lunch in Kapunda we may need to stop earlier. Please remember we ride at the pace of the slowest rider. This may be very important on this ride when we are on the open plains if it is windy. We will travel much faster if the stronger riders shelter the slower riders.
There is a strange characteristic of Kapunda that I have observed over the last 30 years. There always seems to be one good coffee shop somewhere on the main street – they seem to last 3 years or so and then disappear to be replaced by another. As far as I can recall the first was in the old Bank Building in the main street (before coffee was a thing!!!). I had to travel through Kapunda this week for work, the coffee shop in the supermarket at the northern end of town has disappeared (along with the supermarket!!) and a new shop has opened across the road that seems to have reasonable coffee

Sunday 21st February Strathalbyn
Meet at Strathalbyn Railway Station, 9am Sunday 21st. February.   Leave to the south before turning west and climbing towards Ashbourne.  We will skirt the Bullock Hill Conservation Park to the south before heading east into Finniss for lunch.  Continuing east towards Milang we turn north to cross the abandoned Milang branch railway line and return to Strathalbyn.
55km mainly on dirt/gravel roads, small amount of bitumen, short section of sand and a creek crossing.
Please bring water, food and bike spares.  No facilities on this ride except for lunch stop in Finniss.
Kevin’s ride report

Sunday 15th November 9:30am start at Strathalbyn.
Meet at the Strathalbyn Railway Station/Information centre, 20 South Terrace. No parking at the centre, it is 4hr limited, plenty of untimed street parking nearby. The ride will be relatively flat, featuring quiet bitumen, dirt roads and tracks. We will be riding the 14km Nurragi Trail, the old railway line to Milang. It is in 4 sections crossed by local roads and all but the last section being easy to ride. As this is primarily a walking trail, bikes will have to be lifted over stiles. Please bring eye protection as there is a fair bit of low hanging vegetation.
Milang has shops and facilities so our major stop will be there. After Milang we will be heading along the shore of Lake Alexandria, crossing the Angas and Bremer River outlets. Pelicans should be abundant. Our return to Strathalbyn will be along quiet back roads through the Lake Plains and Langhorne Creek districts. There will be plenty of mosquitoes near water so please bring insect repellent.

Sunday 18th October 9:00am start at Keyneton.
The meeting point is at the junction of Cork Hill Road and Jutland Road.   Cork Hill Road meets the Stott Hwy 7km out of Angaston heading toward Sedan. Turn into Corks Hill Road and the meeting point is about 400 meters along where three roads meet.
There are no facilities on this ride.  Please bring food, water and bike spares with you.

Sunday 20th September 9:00am start at Tailem Bend.
Meet at the Tailem Bend train station.  Toilets are nearby.
Approximately 60km ride on mostly trails and gravel/dirt roads with a small amount of bitumen.  It’s fairly flat but I have managed to find a small hill!  The ride will include two free river cruises and we will be seeking out two different types of track on our journey.  BYO morning tea and lunch.  There are no facilities on this ride.  Please bring food, water and bike spares with you.
Kevin’s Ride Report
Photo Album for this ride

Sunday August 23rd 9:00am start at Porter Lagoon.
54 km ride from the “Picnic Area” on the Northern side of Porter Lagoon to the Apoinga Smelter Site – returning via Webb Gap, Tothill Gap, Emuville & Stony Gap.
Please bring food, water and bike spares with you.

Sunday July 26th. 9:30am start at Clare.
Meet at the junction of Farrell Flat Rd and Horrocks Highway Clare, adjacent to the Mid North Motor Co, opposite the toilet block.  The ride will run northwards to the locality of Andrews and back to Clare via mostly dirt roads
BYO morning tea and lunch, there will be no facilities on this ride.
Jilden’s Ride Report

Sunday June 21st. 9:30am start at Sanderston.
Meet at Sanderston, (bottom of the hills coming down from Mt Pleasant &
just before you climb the hills if going up toward Mt Pleasant) corner of Hoads Rd
and Sanderston Rd, (just off the Angas Valley Rd).
Approximately 50kms, no climbing, shop at Cambrai in the middle of the ride otherwise no facilities, all gravel.
David’s Ride Report

Sunday 16th February 2020 – Eudunda-Point Pass

February’s PERFECT ride will start from Eudunda heading east along Deep Creek road to Peep Hill. Turning west we cross the Worlds End Highway at Point Pass and climb up the escarpment. On a good day we should have great views as we traverse the ridge to the Radio Tower where we again turn east for a steep and rugged descent back down the escarpment. Once we have gathered ourselves at the base, having made the descent at our own pace, we will make tracks back to Eudunda for a debrief or two!
The ride is approximately 60km and consists of mainly gravel roads and dirt tracks.
There are no facilities on this ride. Please bring food, water and bike spares with you.
Meet at Centenary Gardens in Eudunda at 9am Sunday 16th February. Turn left onto Worlds End Highway as you come into town from Kapunda and the gardens are on the left. Best to park in the lane near the public toilets.
Kevin’s Ride Report

Sunday 19th January 2020 – Palmer 9am
Meet in parking bay on the right as you enter Palmer from Adelaide.  Leave from Palmer at 9am and head south east to intersect the disused Monarto-Sedan rail line. As part of the April ride last year we rode a section of this same rail line near Monarto. If navigable we will ride the maintenance track alongside the line south to Reedy Creek Bridge, otherwise we will use the adjacent road. We then head east to Mannum for lunch on the river bank. After lunch we head north west through a gully and gap returning to Palmer from the north.
The ride is approximately 55km on mainly dirt/gravel roads and tracks. There is a small amount of sealed road to contend with.
The only facilities on this ride are at Mannum. Please ensure that you carry with you enough food and water for this distance.
The ride will leave at from the parking bay on the right as you enter Palmer from Adelaide.

Kevin’ ride report

Meet at Robertstown ready to ride at 8:30 AM Sunday 22 September Goyder Interpretive Gardens, Commercial St Robertstown
65 km of dirt/gravel roads and tracks. Cross both Spring Hut and Burra creeks (twice) – compare the size of Spring Hut Creek as it comes off the Ranges compared to what we saw last month at Bower Dam. The low elevation point will be the so called Gordon Lagoon. (Never seen any water in it!) We will stop at Government Dam to compare it with Bower Dam we saw last month. This ride is a longer one at 65km and there are no short cuts after the 19 km mark, but it is relatively flat so we should be OK.
Roberstown – Gordon Lagoon Profile 09-19
Robertstown – Gordon Lagoon 09-19

Please print the maps and profile to bring – I will only have limited copies in future. Let me know if you have any difficulty printing.
There are no facilities on this ride.

Sunday 25th August – no climbs!!
Meet at Sutherlands ready to ride at  8:30 AM. 50 km – 70 km out to Bower Dam returning via Bower and either The Stock Route or Mallee Road. We will decide the actual return route on the day depending on conditions – shortest will be 50 km and the longest 70 km. Relatively flat ride on gravel/dirt roads.
No facilities or shops on the ride.

Highlights of the ride:-

  • Bower dam – not sure if this is a government or station dam. It is at the end of Spring Hut Creek where it peters out on the mallee plains. It flows for about 30 km from the Bluff Range (just above Robertstown) – quite a large deep creek near its origins.
  • Bower Lime Kilns. This is registered as a heritage ruin but I am not sure if it is still standing. In the 1920s and 30s there was a thriving industry in Bower supplying mallee logs and roots to Adelaide (for heating houses etc). The logs were loaded onto trains at the Bower station. The lime kilns were used to make early forms of cement (obviously using the mallee logs as fuel)  – the second highest employer in the region. The modern Portland cement was introduced in 1910 and slowly took over lime cement – I wonder if the final demise of the lime kilns was due to a shortage of mallee logs?
  • The Stock Route – one of the many wide right of ways existing throughout the state for the movement of stock when droving was the only alternative for moving stock. This one stretches from Eudunda to Morgan.
  • Sutherlands – named after William Sutherland who took up 2 sections of land in 1881

Sunday 21st July starting from the Red Grape Bakery at Sevenhill at 8:30 AM
I will double check before the ride, but the Bakery opens at 7 AM for an early morning coffee!! Right next to the Sevenhill pub as well!!!!! Setting out along Possingham Pit Road, down Spring Gully, north to Armargh and white hut, crossing Camel Hump Range on the Old Burra Road, swinging back towards Farrel Flat and back to Sevenhill. The theme of the ride will be to explore why the Burra Road was first on this route and then abandoned in favour of the current road through Farrell Flat.

Sunday 16th June starting from Waterloo at 9 am.
Dirt and gravel roads and tracks criss-crossing the Tothill Range to Koonoona and return.
I have recounted the gaps – 9 all told.  Quinn, Webb, Niblett, Tothill, No name gap (hardly a gap at all), Logan, Stony, Emuville, & Moller.  Some were used for the Copper Road (Burra – Adelaide) and others for local use. There are no prizes for picking which ones where on the  Copper Road (too obvious on a bike!)
The ride also skirts the Apoinga Lagoon – the site of a copper smelter I the early days of the state but (as far as I know) no trace remains.
We will also past 2 of the original properties in the area Koonoona and Emuville.
The meeting place will be in the car park on the Eastern side of the road (by the hall and playground.)
The road from Marrabel to Waterloo has a (good) Gravel section – depending on the settings, your GPS/mapping programme may divert you to Saddleworth then on to Waterloo to avoid the gravel.
There are no facilities on this ride – please bring food water tools and spares.
Please let me know if you are coming.
Peter’s ride report

Sunday 19th May starting from Eudunda at 9 am.
There will be a section along the top of the escarpment above Eudunda with a “technical” descent down the “track” from the Radio tower.

It will include Deep Creek Road but not sure whether to go up it or down it. (There is another “technical” section of this road that is a bit rocky – a hoot to ride on a mountain bike but more care needed with other bikes. (I have ridden it many times on a touring bike with narrow tires). Depending on which way I decide to go on Deep Creek Road there may be a ride up historic Lights Pass.
David’s ride report

Sunday 14th April 9 AM start at Murray Bridge Community Club on Murray Cods Drive in Sturt Reserve.

The plan is to ride north out of Murray Bridge along the river and then head inland to pick up the currently unused Monarto South to Sedan railway branch. If possible we will navigate this down to Monarto Zoo before heading back to Murray Bridge.
The ride will be approximately 60 kilometres of mainly gravel roads and some dirt track.
There are no towns or services on the route. Riders must be fully self sufficient – Water, tools, spares and food.
David’s ride report

Sunday 17th March 8 AM start at Truro Main Carpark (Northern Side Main Road)

60 km of mainly gravel and dirt Roads. (There is scope for shortcuts in the case of extreme hot weather down to about 45 km) Riding West from Truro bypassing St Kitts and Mount Rufus. Down Leakes Pass(drop about 100 m in 3 km – should be a hoot!) and on to Neales Flat. Returning via “The Watchbox”, Rocky Creek Reserve and the Dutton Mail Road.
David’s ride report

Sunday 13th Jan  Start  9 AM  Hill St Kapunda (near the Ambulance Station) 56 km mostly dirt and gravel roads.  Kapunda – Jim Hill – River Light (my favourite crossing – remnants of 2 separate bridges that were washed away until they gave up and put in a cause way). Past historic Anlaby Station to the hamlet of Buchanan and Tarnma Creek. Return via a secluded track east of Tarnma, Waterloo Plains and (the base of) Mount Allen. No facilities on the ride – bring tools water food etc. If the weather is very hot there is the potential to reduce the distance to ~45 km

Sunday 10th Feb, Oval entrance Tarlee.
Note Start time has been moved forward to 8 AM (This is in case of hot weather – I have set the time rather than try and shift it when forecast is known.

60 km dirt and gravel roads. Will go through Hamley Bridge, unknown if shop is operating . Ride north along the Gilbert River flats to Giles Corner and Kelly Hill. Then on to Hamley Bridge – the junction of the Light and Gilbert River. Looping back towards Stockport, but passing over Pine Ridge and back to Tarlee along the banks of the Gilbert River. Assume no services available so bring lunch, water, tools and spares

The November Perfect Ride will be from Mount Bryan on 25th Nov 9 AM

~57 km via White Hill Road, Newickie and Dust Hole Creeks. Highlight will be a 6 km downhill dropping from 600m to 450m (without a major hill to climb afterwards!!!)

This will be in a more remote area so food, water and tools essential.

At this stage I intend to camp at the campsite at Mt Bryon on Sat night (note that I believe the Mt Bryan Hotel has again closed)

Sunday  28th October starting at Waterloo at 9 AM

Just under 48 km of dirt/gravel Roads crossing the Bluff and Tothill ranges. Starting with a short loop through the back streets of Waterloo to gain an appreciation of how large the town used to be. (Compare what is there now with the map of the town in its heyday.) Then Quin Gap, Webb Gap, Brady Creek, Lagoon Hill, Niblet Gap, Moeller Gap and back to Waterloo.

No facilities on the ride so bring lunch water and tools etc.

Sunday July 15th from Porter Lagoon at 9:00 AM. 60 km on dirt/gravel roads. This is a repeat of last months ride that didn’t eventuate for a variety of reasons. The ride has been swapped around so that we can follow one of the many routes taken by the bullock drays transporting copper from the Burra mines. The ride will follow the Springbank Valley to Burra North and the railway station. The rail line was used to transport copper, grain and sheep from the area – we will see what remains of these activities. An early lunch/late morning tea in Burra (can but lunch and coffee).

The return will be via the Old Adelaide Road – past the sight of the “Sod Hut” – the first stop for the bullockies. Then on to Stony Gap and Koonoona station, Emuville and Black Springs. Returning to Porter Lagoon with a stop at the Old Black Springs Cemetery if time permits.

Sunday 17th June 2018   9:00 AM from Porter Lagoon ((picnic area off Lagoon Road)
Distance will be between 50 – 60 km depending on the route we take if the weather is inclement. Will be mostly gravel roads and relatively flat. Full route – Porter Lagoon – Black Springs – Emuville – Old Adelaide Road – along the banks of the Burra Creek to Burra. Return via Spring Bank Valley to Porter Lagoon.
We can buy lunch (and coffee!) in Burra.

February 25th 2018 9am start.
Meet at the Centennial Gardens Eudunda (on the left on Worlds End Highway as you come into town from Kapunda).
I haven’t done much riding in this area so it will be an “exploratory ride”. The planned distance is 63 km however depending on how we are going we could make a left turn at Long Hill and descend directly into Eudunda – 47 km.
There are also other possibilities to shorten the ride if conditions are extreme.

The general route is:-
Eudunda, Wombat flat, Leakes Pass, Tableland, The Triangle, Hansborough, Long Hill, Smith Road (down hill!), Wombat Flat, Eudunda. Mostly dirt/gravel roads with a few more km of bitumen than usual (due to the unfortunate positioning of the River Light).

No facilities – bring own food, water, tools etc.

January 21st 2018 Starting at Gawler Central Railway Station, to Freeling and return. details TBA.

November Perfect Ride

Start Sunday 19th November 9 AM opposite Cambrai general store.

~55km dirt and gravel roads.  Ride up Pine Hut Rd , following the man made stone walls on each side of the road.  Good views from the top back towards the River Murray.

Lunch at Eden Valley Oval.  A magnificent 15km continual down hill to finish.

As is the norm for Perfect rides , there are few facilities on the ride. You will need to bring tools, lunch, water , spares etc.

Please let me know if you intend riding.

Andrew Catchpoole 0419 850 397

September Perfect Ride Cancelled

This ride will start at at  Hamley Bridge , the junction of the Light and  Gilbert Rivers and an historic railway town. About 50km.

We’ll roughly follow the Gilbert River valley and rail line through Stockport and up to Tarlee, then climb up through the southern section of the Clare hills, followed by a downhill run back to Hamley Bridge.

Please let me know if you’re interested in riding.

Tony Bazeley 0449 759 643

August Perfect Ride

Sunday 27th August, Start at Sedan (in front of Church) at 9 AM.   68 km some bitumen, gravel and dirt roads and tracks. Sedan through Moorundie Wildlife Park to the pumping station on the Murray.  Returning via Yookamurra Sanctuary.  Lunch will be on the banks of the Murray.

There are no facilities on the ride. Please arrive early to ensure a 9 AM start due to the length of the ride.

July Perfect ride

Start 9AM Sunday July 30th Sevenhill –  Little Red Grape Co car park.
Please let me know if you intend riding, either by return email, or my mobile.

0449 759 643 –

June Perfect ride

Start 9 AM Sunday July 2nd Eudunda Memorial Gardens

54km mainly gravel and dirt roads. Down Deep Creek Road and Slate Road to Peep Hill. Climb the escarpment up Emmaus Road to Hampden. Along the top of the Escarpment with a superb downhill down Point Pass and return to Eudunda.

No facilities available on the ride

Please contact KevD [] Mob – 0411203893 if you are coming

May Perfect ride

Sunday 4th June 9 AM

Booborowie Hall

(North West Corner of town)

62km of mainly gravel/dirt Roads.

Booborowie is a little further than normal and can be accessed from Burra (all bitumen), Hansen (dirt road at your own risk!) This was the locals preferred route 50 years ago but not sure how well it has been maintained now the bitumen goes to Burra!), Clare via good gravel roads.

The ride will be North from Booborowie fording Palace and Booborowie Creeks, and along Rotten Gully Creek to the base of Browne Range (we should be able to see the old stone wall running along the top of the range.

East past the historic properties of East Bungareee and Petherton  House along Tumelo Creek, crossing Cartapo Creek and then along Palace Creek finishing with a delightful 9km downhill to Booborowie.

In Booborowie we ride past the old John Martins Store. (Yes THE John Martins had a department store in Booborowie with its own Christmas Pageant!)

We will try to solve the riddle of the enigmatic Palace Creek – it runs for approximately 13 km in an area that has approximately 12 inches (300mm) annual rainfall, with no tributary creeks but has carved out a channel 5 – 10 metres deep with near vertical sides.

Then is the space of 500 metres it virtually disappears just before it joins Booborowie Creek.

There are no facilities on the ride – bring lunch morning tea, water and tools and spares.

Please let me know if you are coming

Peter Harrison


April Perfect Ride

Kapunda – Anlaby

Sunday 23rd April 9AM

Hill Street, Kapunda (by ambulance Station)

55km Dirt and Gravel Roads.

Kapunda – St Johns – Bagot Well – Anlaby _- Buchanan – Allendale North – Kapunda.

The ride will explore the early history of the state. Historic buildings,  Kapunda Copper Mine, early settlers futile attempts to withstand the might of the Light River, historic culverts, Anlaby Station.

See if we can discover why the River Light takes a huge detour around Kapunda.

No facilities on the ride – bring food, drink, tools, spares etc

Please let me know if you are coming

Peter Harrison

0448 364 138


January Perfect Ride

9 AM 29th January 2017   Palmer

Meet at the Reserve on West Side of town.

56 km Dirt/Gravel Roads some bitumen.

South from Palmer to Faehrmann Road, along the river flats through the old dairy industry area.

Early lunch and coffee at Mannum.

Ride up Long Gully – Observe the effects of erosion – both historic and recent.

Discover Palmer Reservoir and the reason for its seemingly poor location on the side of a relatively flat hill.

Return to Palmer via Rathjen Gap.

Please let me know if you are coming.

Regards, Peter Harrison  0448 364 138

February  Perfect Ride

9 AM 26th February 2017   Palmer

Meet at the Reserve on West Side of town.

73 km mostly gravel/dirt roads with some bitumen.

Climb the escarpment along Davenport Road (Palmer Cooke Hill Road  on older maps), following the Millendella Creek from Rathjen Gap onwards.

By pass Eden Hills and drop down the escarpment on Pine Hut Road (drops 230 m in 5 km). Return to Palmer along the bottom of the escarpment.

There are no facilities on this ride. Bring lunch, water, tools etc.

The distance is longer than normal to give the opportunity for some conditioning before the Flinders Trip.

There are shorter loops we can take in the event of hot weather (from 26km up to 56 km).

As the distance is longer than normal it is also OK if anyone wants to cut the distance down by doing a U turn and riding back to Palmer up until the 31 km mark.

Please confirm if you are coming by email or SMS in the week before the ride.

Peter 0448 364 138


For those who don’t know PERFECT is an an acronym for Peters Exploratory Rides For the Enjoyment of Country Tracks.