Ride With GPS – Accessing The Club Subscription

SARCC now has a Club Subscription to RideWithGPS. These notes tell you how to access the Events and Routes on the club’s account, and will be updated as needed. Please e-mail suggestions or comments using SARCC’s feedback form.

If anyone wants to navigate a SARCC Ride route using RideWithGPS on their phone, we have created some events on the SARCC Club account. To access the Club account, you will need to request to join the club account via the following link:-


You then hit the “Apply to Join” button on the right hand side of the screen.

If you already have a RideWithGPS account, you need to “Sign in to your account”, otherwise you select “Sign up” and fill in the requested details. Otherwise, you will need to create a RideWithGPS account. You then require a committee member to accept your application.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to pay for a subscription to access the RideWithGPS Club account for SARCC.

Once you have been signed up, you select SARCC via the club’s “helmet” logo and then “Events”. You will see that some Events for the current month have been created. Select a event and then “Download for Offline” from the three dots on the lower left of the screen. From the “Home” screen of RideWithGPS, select “Library” and then “Offline”. At the start of the ride, you can open the route (via “Library” and then “Offline”) and then use “Navigate” to follow the route and record your ride. At the end of the ride, hold down the pause button to finish and save your ride. By following the route Offline, you will save on mobile data usage and the route will be available, even if you have no mobile coverage along the route.

The “Route Library” contains proposed routes for upcoming rides as well as some routes used in past rides. These routes are also included in “Collections”, which is a simpler way to access these routes.

Please let me (Paul 0427 537 836) know if you have any questions on the above instructions or if you have any general questions in the use of RideWithGPS.

Ride leaders can “Share” a link by e-mail to sarccrwgps@gmail.com of their proposed routes and we will add them to the appropriate event. Otherwise, the ride leader can e-mail a GPX file to sarccrwgps@gmail.com and we can use the “Trace” tool to create cue sheets and control points. The latter is useful for editing and navigating the routes.

See also Ride with GPS – getting started with the free version.