Ride with GPS – getting started with the free version

These notes apply to the free version of RideWithGPS, which is required to access the club’s account, and will be updated as needed. Please e-mail suggestions or comments using SARCC’s feedback form.

Ride with GPS (RwG) has an App version to use on your smart phone and web version for use on your computer/laptop.

  1. Download RwG

The mobile App can be downloaded from  Google Play or the App Store. The Web version is available at ridewithgps.com and a link can be sent to your phone from https://ridewithgps.com/app

  1. Register your details

Once the App has been downloaded you can open it and add your details; name, email, choose a password etc. Please note that the default units are feet and miles. You can change this on your PC using the down arrow in the top right corner to select “Settings” then “Preferences”. On the app, the “Account Settings” are accessed via the “Cog” in the top left corner of the “Home” screen.

  1. Help

https://ridewithgps.com/help/mobile/ has a number of helpful documents for assist with using the App on your phone. On your phone there are 4 buttons on the screen:

Home Find Go Ride Library More

More has a Help Centre where information can be obtained. It is recommended that you scroll through the information available.

On the web version the help guides are located at https://ridewithgps.com/help/

  1. Recording a ride with the mobile app:

Tap the GO RIDE button at the bottom of the phone screen to start recording. It will show ‘AUTO-PAUSED move to record’ at the top of the screen and will record as soon as you move. It will pause as soon as you stop.

The Go Ride button will turn into a Pause button. Press and hold it to stop recording.

  1. Saving your ride:

Press and hold the pause button to reveal two buttons:

  • You can resume your recording by tapping the Resume Ride button.
  • Or you can end your ride recording by tapping the Finish Ride button.

After tapping the “Finish Ride” button you’ll be taken to the ride details screen.

  • Give your ride a name (if you leave this blank, your ride will be given the current date as a name), add photos if you want, select gear used on the ride, and set the privacy setting.
  • Tap SAVE to finish. The ride will then be uploaded to your account where you can access it from ridewithgps.com or through the app.
  • You can add more photos, clean it up and share with friends.
  1. Get a the route/map from a leader at the start of the ride:

This allows you to get the route map from the leader and track where you are on the route while you are riding.

The leader will have created a QR code link to the map of the ride route.

Home Find Go Ride Library More

Go to More and to Open Shortcut. Tap Scan Shortcut and the camera will open and you can scan the leaders QR code.

  1. Friends/followers:

Home Find Go Ride Library More

More has a number of functions, one is Follows.

This allows you to search for a friend by name (and a location will show) and add them as well as search for someone to follow. This means you can see their rides and also look at the routes they do.