About SARCC Photo Albums

The SARCC Photo albums are stored on cloud services and links are provided on the SARCC Website. To submit photos, you will need to upload your photos to a photo album on a photo-sharing web-server, for example “Google Photos” or “OneDrive”. Access to these photo-sharing web-servers is free. You can also add text to the album and captions to your photos. You will then need to select “Share” and “Create Link”. This link can then be copied and pasted into an e-mail or message to SARCC and we will add the link to our website. If all this seems too difficult, you can simply e-mail the photos (along with any text and captions that you feel to be appropriate) to us and we will create an album for you.

Submitted photos will become property of SARCC unless specified otherwise in the ITPC section of .JPG images.

By submitting  photos the owner agrees that such photos may be publicly displayed or used for any purposes determined by SARCC.
Persons shown in submitted photos must object in writing for specified photos to be removed from public display or used for other purposes by SARCC.