Ride Adelaide to Melbourne, Supported

An Audax event.
Saturday 2nd March to 9th March 2013.

Short description of this event,  ‘Trim the Cat’

All SARCC members are invited to take part. It starts here in Adelaide on 2nd March 2013 and we end up in Melbourne, 8 days later.

This non-profit, non-fundraiser ride is supported; you don’t need to carry your luggage. All days are over 100km and the longest day is a stretchy 235 km.

You will decide how you want to get home from Melbourne (train, boat, plane, bike). Or you might like to continue and join Alen’s tour which is ‘not far away’ from Melbourne.

The worldwide Audax Club (which started the Tour de France in the old days) delights in riding further at slow speeds. The club in Adelaide is currently small. ATC have sponsored combined events with Audax in the past.

Eight days of cycling will take you through beautiful country; the Adelaide Hills, the Coorong, the Great Ocean Road, the Sorrento ferry and finally to Melbourne.

Here is the link to the Audax site. Set the search criteria of the online calendar to ‘2013 – March’ etc Click on the Map link to show a map of each day’s route and route instructions.


Date Day Time Start Place Ride Name Km
2/03/2013 Sat 12:00 Scoozi, 272 Rundle St Adelaide Trim Adelaide Wellington 109
3/03/2013 Sun 7:30 Adelaide side Wellington Ferry Trim Wellington Robe 235
4/03/2013 Mon 8:30 Robe Trim Robe Mt Gambier 135
5/03/2013 Tues 8:30 Mt Gambier Trim Mt Gambier Portland 107
6/03/2013 Wed 8:30 Portland Trim Portland Port Campbell 164
7/03/2013 Thurs 8:30 Port Campbell Trim Port Campbell Apollo Bay 100
8/03/2013 Fri 8:30 Apollo Bay Trim Apollo Bay Queenscliff 130
9/03/2013 Sat 8:30 Queenscliff Trim Queenscliff Melbourne 100

There will be a support vehicle so we can take a small bag for each rider.

Accommodation will be medium standard hotel / motel.


Cost will be your own meals and accommodation with riders sharing the accommodation costs of the support driver. There is a charge for each Trim leg so it is cheaper to become an Audax member making the Audax cost $6 per day.

But what if

Versatility.   If you can’t do all days, you might like to ride a few days, finish and head off. Or pick us up anywhere along the route. If you need a rest day, this should also be possible. Minimum speed is 15 km per hour and the roads have been carefully selected. There are heaps of options.

To discuss

Please email me and Graham, Audax Ride Organiser ( gstucley@gmail.com ), if you wish to participate or if you are thinking about it. If you or a partner / friend would like to be a support vehicle or share the driving, also contact Graham. Graham has done this ride a few years ago and it worked very well. So far there is interest from about 12 people.

The SARCC contact is Michael D. Please let me know if you are thinking about it. And also to talk about alternatives like your own caravan / tenting partner, what sort of bike is  best, group riding, how you will be getting home etc, etc.

But where did the name ‘Trim the Cat’ come from?

ph 8294 0709.


4 thoughts on “Ride Adelaide to Melbourne, Supported

  1. Michael,
    Although one day I might do this it will not be 2013. I have no problem with any of the distances as I rode the “Every Second Counts” challenge on Strava in August to ride 1,788 km and completed that in just 13 days. Check out one of my blog posts at http://www.pcsa.net.au/2012/08/13/every-second-counts-interview-by-phil-crick-2/ . I have only been riding a bike since August 2011 after 2 1/2 years of running causing my knees to give in. Never been an active person before that but have now ridden almost 15,000 km since starting riding 15 months ago.
    Good luck with the event, it sounds great and I am sure there will be plenty of people interested in participating.


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