Admin Notes


Site Admin
Administrator – Site Support.  Maintain site. Create Categories.
At least two people. As time goes on, an old hand and an understudy.

Rides Coordinator
Editor –   Publish pages but only their own. Add links to Ride leader’s ride-description page.
Update the Rides Program page.
Get the ride descriptions from Ride Leaders and update the ride detail pages.

Ride Leader
Author –              Publish pages
Update the Detailed Ride Description).
Posts (what happened on tours) Upload pictures with posts. But only alter their own. Ride leader should not create new categories.
Coordinate with Photo enthusiasts.

Photo Enthusiast
Editor – Is requested by members to load photos to some external site.
Manage the links to that external site. When competent, update the photo link page or work with Admin to update it.

Members write posts with photos in them.


Main headings – uppercase; Heading 1, left aligned and colour an option.

Subheadings – mixed case, paragragh and bold or h2, left aligned

Comments and Likes and Shares disabled

Links to external pages – open in new window/tab enabled
Links to internal sites – default setting ie open in new window/tab disabled

Use SHIFT ENTER to start a new paragraph on the next  line. ENTER leaves a line space.


Header image to include site name:

  • South Australian Receational Cycling Club – font is Bookman Old Style, size is 22px and colour is black
  • Formerly – font is Bookman Old Style, size is 12px and colour is black
  •  Adelaide Touring Cyclists and Cycling For Pleasure Group  – font is Bookman Old Style, size is 18px and colour is black

Image size – suggested width is 1000 pixels. Suggested height is 168 pixels. (6:1 ratio)

The Next Big Event

is controlled by a widget. it should reflect the next big tour or notable monthly meeting.


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