Help – How to View Photos

Photos can be viewed in different ways:

(1) Click on “View All SARCC Albums”
(2) Select the album you want to view

You can now:

(3) just scroll through the collage
(4) click on a photo to view it enlarged
– while in large view move to the next or previous photo by clicking on  “>”  or  “<”  buttons
– click the “two arrows” in the right bottom corner to view photos full screen
(exit full screen by pressing “Esc” on you keyboard)

(5) view a slideshow by clicking on the “3 LITTLE DOTS” in the right bottom corner of the screen
Note: DO NOT start the slideshow by clicking on the slideshow button after selecting the album in step (2) – you will be waiting forever!!

(6) To exit the slideshow press “Esc” and the “Left Arrow” or “Back” button of your browser
Note: you can backtrack through all of your browsing history by pressing the “Left Arrow” button of your browser, even back to the SARCC web page!

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