How to Contribute Photos

If you want to submit your photos there are several options:

(1) send an email to Bernie M. (

(2) Bring a copy of your photos to the next club meeting (on DVD or USB memory stick)

The photos should ideally be at least 2048 pixels wide – don’t worry about downsizing! All images will be archived on SARCC storage media in .JPG format 2048p wide.

Submitted photos will become property of SARCC unless specified otherwise in the ITPC section of .JPG images.

By submitting  photos the owner agrees that such photos may be publically displayed or used for any purposes determined by SARCC.
Persons shown in submitted photos must object in writing for specified photos to be removed from public display or used for other purposes by SARCC.

If you have any questions regarding submission of photos please contact Bernie M.
(M: 04-2715-4118 or