Member Privacy

SARCC store the member information you provided on joining in a Gmail account.
Your email address is also stored in a Google Group.
This information is subject to Googles privacy policy.

SARCC Executive are the only club members who can access this data.
This data will not be provided to anyone outside of the executive unless this is approved by the committee. Releases of member details may only occur when required by law or to assist with emergency contacts in the event of an accident on a club ride or tour.
While we can accommodate those who do not want their information stored and accessed in this way it should be understood that this will severely restrict the club’s ability to communicate with you.

Photos and reports of rides and tours that you have participated in may include images of you taken during the event. These photos and reports are publicly accessible. If you do not want your image to appear on this web site, if possible, make this known when a photo is being taken otherwise let one of the committee know if you notice that you appear in a published photo that you weren’t aware had been taken.