P.L.E.B.S. Rides

Please consider other club members.  If you have COVID symptoms, or believe you might be infectious, please do not attend SARCC rides or events.

Organiser – Peter Harrison 0448 364 138

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Perpendicular Looped E Bike Sprints

The rides are for the enjoyment of the full potential of ebikes.
They could be dirt, bitumen, mountain bike park, forest trail or any other ride you can imagine on an ebike…

  • Sprint along the foreshore on bitumen
  • Leisurely ride in the country breezing up hills and zooming down the other side
  • Riding Mountain Bike Trails
  • Climbing Mountain Peaks and flying halter smelter down the other side (dirt or bitumen!)
  • Exploring little used forest trails (no longer constrained by short mild climbs – steep 30% grades are now possible.)


Rides will be monthly with a ride scheduled in the programme every second month at least 3 months ahead.
The alternate month rides will be planned with shorter notice. If you would like to lead one of these rides or have an idea for a different ride contact Peter Harrison


Secluded forest trails off the beaten track (can tackle steeper tracks to get to areas not frequently used)
Explore rides that would not normally be accessible for non e-bikes

The range of your battery will be less than you experience on a normal club ride (faster speed and more climbs). All rides will be published with a vertical climb distance. This will give a rough guide to your expected battery usage.
Where possible there will be two start and finish points for riders with shorter range.
If you are running out of range on a ride let the leader know. Alternatives may be available to reduce battery usage. (Don’t want riders to run out of battery at the bottom of Snake Gully)
All rides will be published with a vertical climb distance. This will give a rough guide to your expected battery usage.

Just got your new e-bike and not sure of how to ride it or how far you can go?
Contact a ride leader, they can organise a short easy ride to help you this new concept of riding.

Like to lead a ride on your favourite track or have an idea of a good ride?
Contact the PLEBS organiser or the Club Rides Coordinator. You can lead it or have someone else lead it. The rides we can do are only limited by your imagination!!!!!
All rides will have a map and published gpx track (also on Ride with GPS)
Contact Peter to be included on the email list to get early notification

Current ride details

March 12th (Leader Peter H)
“Anderson Walk Revisited”
Start – Public Hall Car Park – Kersbrook
Distance 32 km  770 metres of climbing.
Mixture of gravel, bitumen and forest trails.
24 hour Toilets in Kersbrook Hall and on request at Kersbrook winery

The ride will start with a gentle loop around the outskirts of Kersbrook. Then onto the bottom of the mountain bike park for the climb up Mount Gawler (180  meters in 3.5 km) followed by the superb downhill the other side (220 m in 5 km). Enter the forest reserve through the main car park and follow the first part of “Anderson Walk:” . We deviate from the Walk to explore the Eastern Section of the forest. Climb to the top of the ridge for great views of the valley and descend back to the car park. Ride back along the bitumen to Kersbrook Winery for a coffee and muffin (wine or cider if you prefer). A few hundred meters back to Kersbrook.

Please let me know if you are coming.
Peter Harrison
0448 364 138

May 7th (Leader TBA)
June 4th (Leader Peter H)
July 2nd (Leader TBA)
July 30th (Leader TBA)
Aug 28th (Leader Peter)
Sep 24th (Leader Peter H)
Oct 22nd (Leader TBA)
Nov 19th (Leader Peter H)
Dec 18th (Leader TBA)

Previous Rides

Sunday November 27th 2022
Checker Hill ride
Meet at Kersbrook in the Hall Carpark for start at 9 AM
37 km ride with 700 m of climbing (with 700 m of glorious downhill.)
A change of pace this month with a mix of Bitumen and well made dirt roads.
The feature is the climb up Checker Hill in the first 5 km with further climbs on Wintons Road, Martin Hill Road and the secluded Forest Road.
Coffee and Muffin at the Kersbrook Winery at the end of the ride.

Route available on SARCC RWGPS site.

Please let me know if you are coming.

Peter Harrison
0448 364 138

Sunday October 30th 2022 – NOTE that this ride is CANCELLED due to severe weather warning (damaging winds).

The next PLEBS Ride will be on Sunday from “The Stables” Shopping Centre 9 AM. (North West corner of the car park)
Corner of Crouch Road and Golden Grove Road, Golden Grove SA

52 Km 1,265 metres of descent.
Bitumen, Gravel and Forest Tracks

The Stables through Snake Gully and Airstrip Road and into the lower section of the Mount Gawler emerging on Kersbrook Road near Karwin Road. Then Basnett Road and Humbug Scrub Road and into the forest trails skirting the South Para Reservoir using Cattle Yard Track, Malcolm Ridge Trak and Mary Gully Track & some unnamed tracks to emerge on Kersbrook Forest Road. Returning to civilization via Bagshaw Road, Adelaide Gully Road, Milbrook Road, Lower Hermitage Road, Hannaford Hump Road and Snake Gully.

At this stage there is no morning tea stop but a simple vote could see us deviate to the Kersbrook Winery for coffee.

Click here for RWGPS route details.

Please let me know if you are coming.
Peter Harrison
0448 364 138

Sunday July 10th 2022
Leave from “The Stables” Shopping Centre 9AM Sunday 10th        
(1495 Golden Grove Road, Golden Grove)
Sampson Flat returning by Lower Hermitage
50 km Mostly bitumen with some well made gravel roads.
1200 metres of glorious descents
The ride will explore some of the side roads off One Tree Hill Road, Lower Hermitage Road and Range Road North. Quiet back roads with a rural setting.
There is no convenient coffee stop on the ride, a morning tea break somewhere on the side of the road.
Coffee debrief at Local Cup at The Stables at the end of the ride.

Information and route are available on the SARCC RWGPS club site.

Please let me know if you can make it

Peter Harrison
0448 364 138

Sunday May 29th 2022
Sunday 29th May 9:00 AM leaving from  “The Stables” Golden Grove Road. Corner Golden Grove Road and Sandstock Boulevard just past Crouch Road.
52 km with 950 metres of descent.
Mostly bitumen with some well made dirt roads.
The Stables to the rear of The Old Spot – views out over the gulf and a fast downhill on Coonmurra Drive climb up Williams Road (190 metres in 4km).
On to One Tree Hill for an early morning tea stop (with a small detour down Tyeka Drive and back up Cornishmans Hill.
Return via One Tree Hill Road to Hannaford Hump Road with a detour along Shillabeer Road and back (why? – because it’s there – we need some dirtroads!!)
Up Hannaford Hump Road then descend into Lower Hermitage returning via Upper Hermitage to the Stables.
Note the caution on the map just before the 48 km mark. This is a very sharp Ubend on a steep downhill with the possibility of cars coming the other way – very easy to end up on the wrong side of the road if not going at slow speed.

Please let me know if you are coming – may be see you at the club meeting this week.
Peter Harrison
0448 364 138

Sunday March 20th. 2022 with choice of three start points and times.
The Stables Shopping Centre Car Park at 9AM
42.5 km                Total climb 1114 metres
Meet in North West corner of car park.
Corner Airstrip Road and Mount Gawler Road. Anticipated time 9:45AM
22.3 km                Total climb 502 metres
Meet at the intersection (near the summit of Mount Gawler).
Parking available in the carparks for the mountain bike park .
Large Main Car Park on South Para Road (700 metres north of intersection with Adelaide Gully Road). Anticipated time 10AM
13 km                    Total climb 260 metres
Meet in the car park.

Please let me know if you are coming (especially if you intend to join at the two intermediate points)
Coffee & Muffin at Kersbrook Winery after the ride around Anderson Walk.

Sunday November 28th 2021 at 9AM from the Stables.
Meet at “The Stables” Shopping Centre (North West Corner of the Car Park). Corner of Golden Grove Road and Crouch Road, Golden Grove.
Stables – Snake Gully – Mount Gawler Summit – Southern end Mount Crawford  Forest – Kersbrook Winery  for morning tea  – return to the Stables.
44.8 km  1360 metres total Climb
There will be a shorter section from the corner of Mount Gawler Road and Airstrip Road and returning to the same point.
24.6 km and 713 m ascent.
This will be lighter on battery use and avoid Snake Gully.
We expect to be there at about 9:45 AM.
There are three carparks in the area for the mountain bike park but I would recommend the car park at the bottom of the hill on the Main Kersbrook Road.
There are no toilets here. Toilets are available at the rear of the Hall in Kersbrook. Car parking also available so you can ride from here if you wish. Both car parks are on the return loop.

Saturday September 25th 2021 9AM
Meet at “The Stables” Shopping Centre (North West Corner of the Car Park)
Corner of Golden Grove Road and Crouch Road, Golden Grove.
Ride to Kersbrook Forest and Kersbrook Winery for coffee.
Route through Snake Gully and over Mount Crawford to Kersbrook Forest – a short easy ride in the forest with a “rural” ride to the Kersbrook Winery for coffee back by 12:30 PM approx. 45 km.
Climbs through Snake Gully and over Mount Gawler:- Level “C”
Riding in the forest and around Kersbrook :- Level “B”
Email PeterDH65@outlook.com for GPX file if you are interested