March 9th to 23rd 2013
Sat 9th March Seymour
Sun 10th March Yea
Mon 11th March Bonnie Doon
Tues 12th March Bonnie Doon Ride along lake (swim)
Wed 13th March Mansfield
Thurs 14th March Mansfield Ride to Mt Buller (hard)
Fri 15th March Mansfield Rest Day (you may need it )
Sat 16th March Mansfield Along Lake to Goughs Bay (swim)
Sun 17th March Jamieson
Mon 18th March Eildon Hard Day
Tues 19th March Alexandra
Wed 20th March Yea Rest Day
Thurs 21st March Yea Short Ride
Fri  22nd March Yea Lunch or Dinner
Sat 23rd March Seymour
This is my pannier tour for next year 2013. No back up. There are some easy and some hard days.
Will have more details after checking the route in November.
If you want a rest day there are lots of options.
The limit will be 20.
You can let me know if interested, Alan and Mary   0418859224


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