SARCC Forest and River Ports Tour for 2021

This report has been compiled by Paul, with text mainly from Ros and photographs from several of the participants. More photographs will be added soon! You can also access a photo-album of this tour here.

Friday, 22 October 2021 at 12:13 · Williamstown, South Australia
Forest & River Ports 9-day Bike Tour – Day One
Some lovely bike trails led by Robyn which took us past Rocky Paddock campground (idyllic), then over the extensive Chalks Creek Boardwalk to our snack break at Chalks Campground (equally idyllic) and along Watts Gully Road (scenic).


Paul’s Strava feed of this ride


Waiting at the top of a hill, taken by Paul


Finding a way around a fallen tree, taken by Paul

Saturday, 23 October 2021 at 10:04 · Williamstown, South Australia
Forest & River Ports 9-day Bike Tour – Day Two
A most enjoyable loop with views to die for (Steingarten Road which is also the Mawson Trail!) and back via Lyndoch – everyone raved about the ride!


Paul’s Strava Feed of this ride


The tail end of the first group caught up when I took a photo of a Kangaroo, taken by Paul


Don showing the way, taken by Ros


Thank you, Paul, for taking the pic – maestro photographer – this shot says it all!


Lunch at Steingarten


View from Steingarten, taken by Richard Morris


Beware of the brownies! Taken by Paul

Sunday, 24 October 2021 at 10:03 · Williamstown, South Australia
Forest & River Ports 9-day Bike Tour – Day Three
Yet another superb ride led by Paul and Robyn – a brilliant time to be in the Barossa – check out the Lavender Farm next time!


Paul’s Strava feed of this ride


Regroup, with a large gum tree in the background, taken by Paul


Giving way to an historic motor vehicle., taken by Paul


A flat section of the trail, taken by Ros


Waiting for the second and third group.

Monday, 25 October 2021 at 10:08 · Caloote, South Australia
Forest & River Ports 9-day Bike Tour – Day Four – Caloote loop
Rolling country roads and farmlands south of Mannum with the great Murray River coming into view – lunch stop at Woodlane Landing.


See Paul’s Strava feed at Some of us rode the extra 15km from Mannum to Caloote to start the ride and the extra 15km to ride back at the end of the ride.


Woodlane Reserve, taken by Sue


Woodlane Reserve, taken by Ros


Lunch stop at Woodlane Reserve beside the Murray, taken by a passer by. Note that we would all be under water if we were here in 1956!

Tuesday, 26 October 2021 at 10:12 · Cowirra, South Australia
Forest & River Ports 9-day Bike Tour – Day Five – Younghusband loop
Involved two fun ferry crossings, some lengthy gravel country roads and a superb lunch location on the Murray River bank at Younghusband Peninsula (should have continued along the gravel version of East Front Road when heading back to the ferry at Mannum)


Farmer and cows, taken by Sue


Four plus one on the road, taken by Ros


Getting away, taken by Ros


Relaxing by the river, taken by Ros


Unusual critters, taken by Sue


Ferry trip, return journey, taken on Ros’s phone


Contemplating a paddle, taken by Sue

Wednesday, 27 October 2021 at 10:02 · Mannum, South Australia
Forest & River Ports 9-day Bike Tour – Cascades loop – Day Six
Took the long way round on some good gravel roads to the Mannum Cascades which were a delightful surprise … a large swimable pool with a sandy beach deep in a pretty gorge. Threatening rain had us belt back to Mannum taking the Belvedere Road route and we did get a bit wet!


On the road, taken by Sue


A happy couple, taken by Kerry


Resting at Mannum Falls, Reedy Creek, taken by Sharon

Thursday, 28 October 2021 at 10:08 · Tailem Bend, South Australia
Forest & River Ports 9-day Bike Tour – Day Seven

According to Ros,

Forecast was 90% chance of rain plus thunderstorms … we copped the lot! But … a most satisfying ride, just 13 of us intrepid and skilled riders manoeuvring through skinny pinch-gates with lightning flashing above; the side trip to Pangaringa Arboretum (recommended by Robyn) was most interesting and a godsend for shelter during a heavy downpour … coffees and cakes back at Tailem Bend bakery rounded up a perfect day’s outing.

According to Sharon,

We thoroughly enjoyed Ros’ Interesting ride from Tailem Bend across the ferry then following the levee bank trail nearly all the way to Wellington. We found ourselves in a thunderstorm and huddled up under the willows to wait for it to pass over.
Just out of Wellington we explored the lovely Pangarinda Botatical Park and the heavens opened up again so we ate lunch in a shelter there and explored further after the rain stopped.
We then rode on to the Wellington ferry for a ride back across the river and then made our way back to Tailem Bend via an interesting conservation park and back to the Tailem Bend bakery for coffee and cake!

Time for a coffee … (taken by Ros)

… while waiting for the rain to clear, taken by Ros

Ferry Ride at Tailem Bend, taken by Paul

One of the many gates to negotiate, taken by Ros

Taking shelter from the rain, taken by Paul

Passing a cow, which was originally on the levee bank, taken by Paul

Ferry Ride at Wellington, taken by Paul

Entrance to Pangarinda Botanic Garden, taken by Sue

Lunch in the shelter at Pangarinda Botanic Garden, taken by Paul

One of the many banksia plants in the Pangarinda Botanic Garden, taken on Ros’s phone

After leaving the Pangarinda Botanic Garden, there were blue skies, taken by Paul

We were being watched while … (taken by Paul)

… having coffee at Tailem Bend, taken by a kind staff member of the bakery

Friday, 29 October 2021 at 08:38 · Murray Bridge, South Australia
Forest & River Ports 9-day Bike Tour – Day Eight
Plenty of open space on long easy bitumen stretches and flat country roads towards Mypolonga – a bit of slushing through fresh cow pats to our tea or early lunch-stop by the Murray and a cold head-wind back to Murray Bridge along compact gravel with a delightful finish along the Lavender Trail into town.


We rode from the caravan park to Bunyip in the Sturt Reserve to start the ride, taken by Sharon


Morning tea stop at Mypolonga, taken by Sharon


Coming back into Murray Bridge along the trail, taken by Sharon

Saturday, 30 October 2021 at 09:59 · Murray Bridge, South Australia
Forest & River Ports 9-day Bike Tour – Day Nine
Heading west of Murray Bridge alongside Kinchina CP and along the Lavender Trail to connect with the southern border of Monarto Zoo.
Note: we intersected the Jailbreak Track suitable for bikes – another cycling project?


Riding alongside the old railway line, taken by Paul


Using “walk mode” on an E-Bike? (taken by Paul)


Crossing over a fence as the gate was locked, taken by Paul


First animals seen at Monarto Zoo … (taken by Paul)


… while others ascend the hill, taken by Paul


Przewalski’s Horses at Monarto Zoo, taken by Paul


I stopped to photograph these animals … (taken by Paul)


… while the others made a U-turn, taken by Paul


Lunch at the Monarto Oval playground, taken by Paul


Passing a Ruin #1, taken by Ros


Passing a Ruin #2, taken by Ros