SARCC Tour Planners Guide


The following is a GUIDE to assist a volunteer organiser of a SARCC Tour.

Introductory Information
1. Location (s), for the tour, e.g. Holiday Park

2. Accommodation
a. Name of Holiday/Caravan Park and Street address,
b. Web address or if no Web then email and phone numbers.
c. Type (s) of accommodation available
d. Booking arrangements, any discounts,
3. Meals and Social
a. Advice of on-site and eating-out proposed events, e.g. Pizza and/or BBQ and/or Pub Meal etc.
b. Advise Location of evening gathering site for 5.30pm “Happy Hour”, during which the following days ride will be outlined
4. Inclusion of a request to inform the tour planner, by email, of the members booking

Issue of Provisional Programme for the tour

5. Rides:
a. Dates and start times.
b. Assembly points and Lunch information
c. Distance, terrain and difficulty, i.e. flat, a few hills, hilly and steep, challenging, dirt or sealed roads, single tracks
d. Social gatherings, confirmation of times and sites for club get togethers.

Printable document:
Guide for Tour Planners