The Sculpture Ride

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Report: Angela Roodhouse
Photos: Katrina


On Sunday the 1st February the ride was from Victoria Square to the sculpture exhibition at Brighton. Sixteen riders attended the ride going down the linear bikeway to Henley Beach which was very busy with lots of other people cycling, walking, running etc. Who said Aussies are inactive?

A stop was made at the West Beach surf lifesaving club for a breather and morning tea. The next part of the ride along the coast to Brighton via Glenelg was hard, there being a strong headwind. Arriving at Brighton very windblown we took the opportunity to have lunch and look around the display of 117 sculptures all made by local artists. There was an interesting variety both within the tent and along the foreshore from ceramics to iron garden features using wood and recycled materials and all were available for sale. Some were tongue in cheek like the great escape and ghost dingoes others had a serious theme.

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The area around the sculpture display was very busy as it coincided with the end of the jetty swim but we found a shady spot for lunch. Alan and Sue joined us and generously handed out home grown peaches to all who wanted them. We returned to the city via the railway line shedding quite a few people on the way who peeled off to go home. The rest of us had coffee at Troppo’s in Whitmore Square. Once again up to its usual standard with quick service and good coffee. A great ride with lots of interest. Thanks to Peter who led and Meryl who was tail end Charlie.

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