Trailer Booking

To book the SARCC trailer please complete all fields and click on “Submit”.
You will receive a response indicating if the trailer is available and the conditions for your use of the trailer.

Picture of SARCC 12 bike trailer

SARCC 9 bike trailer with 3 bike beak installed.

We encourage members to use the trailer for all cycling, not just SARCC events.  The trailer is specifically designed to hold up to 12 bikes along with secure and dry storage of luggage.


  • The primary borrower must be a SARCC member.
  • SARCC would appreciate a donation to cover the costs associated with registration, insurance and maintenance of the trailer.
  • You must keep the trailer locked to your vehicle or a post (lock provided).
  • SARCC do not accept any responsibility for the luggage or bikes carried.
  • You are responsible for any fines incurred while using the trailer.
  • We ask you to avoid standing on the trailer roof (particularly over 75kg).
  • Please load balance the trailer to have adequate weight on your tow ball.


  • One 7×5 trailer, side mounted spare wheel, jockey wheel and rear leg.
  • The trailer is registered and insured.
  • Carpeted & lighted interior, permanent weatherproof lid (trailer depth is 52cm).
  • The luggage compartment is lockable with four keyed alike padlocks.
  • 9 bike racks on the lid with stand-on side rails to aid loading at 110cm height.
  • 3 bike beak attached to the rear, slide-out rail to enable rear gate access.
  • Two padlocks, keyed alike, are provided for securing the trailer.
  • Larger hazard/indicator and stop lights.

Equipment in the side locker (210x165x465):

  • Grease gun
  • Jack
  • 4 ratchet straps
  • Wheelbrace
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • 12 Toe straps